Our dictionaries

The Sandstone dictionary range forms a functional entity in keeping with the company vision - that of offering flexible, easy-to-use dictionaries to suit all user requirements regardless of terminal equipment.



Eurotranslator dictionaries are traditional workstation dictionaries. They are as handy to use in your laptop when you are travelling as on the company network at your workplace.


Our 22-language dictionary service on the web. This service suits for companies, educational establishments and communities as well as for individual users.


The vocabulary consists of approximately 3,000,000 indexed entries and over 600,000 separate search words.



We provide dictionaries to iPhone, Android and WindowsPhone mobile phones.


The main advantages of our solutions:


  • Unique multilingual realisation for the international company
  • Easy to use, a solution light on company resources
  • One comprehensive solution for Internet, desktop and wireless media use
  • One agreement, one purchase, one price: a simple and flexible model


All of our dictionaries contain the following special vocabularies:


  • Technology: the oil industry, radio and television, wood-processing and the paper industry, electronics, the construction trade, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering
  • Medicine
  • Upbringing and education
  • Law
  • IT terminology
  • Business and economics: accounting, banking and financing
  • EU organs


Synonyms (included in the Finnish, Swedish, English and German sections) to help you to avoid repetition and put new nuances at your disposal.