Eurotranslator dictionaries

Eurotranslator dictionaries are traditional workstation dictionaries. They are as handy to use in your laptop when you are travelling as on the company network at your workplace.


Eurotranslator dictionaries are compatible with Windows Vista.

Eurotranslator Dictionary

Eurotranslator Dictionary is a comprehensive 13-language dictionary designed to meet the needs of a demanding individual user.


Eurotranslator Business+

Eurotranslator Business+ is designed for business use. It includes the Eurotranslator Dictionary and access to the Online web-dictionary with a 1-year licence.


Eurotranslator Business+ is also available as a network version that eases the use and management of Eurotranslator on company networks.


Eurotranslator Business+ price drops if there are more users.


Qualities in all Eurotranslator versions


Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

User interface languages
Finnish, English, Swedish

This quick and easy-to-use tool enables the use of the dictionary e.g. with word processing programs and web browsers. QuickTrans works with a simple key combination

Corpus provides examples that illustrate the use of foreign words in complete sentences. The example sentences are in English, Finnish, French, German and Swedish.

Equipment requirements
Pentium, 129 MB RAM, 350 MB free hard disk space and an information superhighway connection for downloading the program or a usb-port for installing from memory stick.

Compatible with
Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7

Technical support
Eurotranslator clients are entitled to free e-mail support.